Do You Believe Everything That’s Advertised On TV?

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Americans are intelligent people, who research just about every big purchase before spending their money. We are free to choose what we want to eat, what we will where, be and do each day.

I bet that if you were to buy a flat screen TV, you would do your research.  You may find out about the brands sound and picture and quality.  You might inquire about price but you will weigh that with the benefits you get from your new TV. How about a car?  Would you buy a new car just because you saw an ad telling you that it’s the best car to buy?  No, you would research it, drive it and look up it’s residual.

How do you decide what to eat?  Have you done your research on the hidden ingredients you put into your body?  Are the foods you EAT making you fat and draining your energy?   The TV and the car are just big-ticket consumer items, yet they are well researched.  Food is life, literally, yet we usually accept it’s nutritional value at face value.  WHY is this? As a nation, we would probably be much healthier, if people would just do a little research before they “believe” that the Poptart and cereal advertised on TV are full of fiber and vitamins.  Believe me, the additives, man made chemicals and stabilizers are really hard on your liver, metabolism and your HEALTH!!

How about the “non-essential” drugs we take and buy over the counter.  Are you quick to pop the pill or do you research other potential remedies for what may be bothering you?  Have you researched all of the potential side effects of the drug?  If you want to, get a copy of Moseby’s and see how your medications may be affecting you.  There are other solutions, which are natural and cause NO SIDE EFFECTS.  Can you imagine that?

My point is that as educated adults living in the USA, we should take more time to research what we put into our bodies and spend more of our money on health and prevention instead of fighting disease.  TV’s and cars are just things, products that can and will be replaced.  You are irreplaceable, so KNOW what you are consuming and become the Educated Consumer specializing in Yourself.  Be an advocate for yourself and your loved ones.  Speak with someone who can help educate you and point you in the direction of basic nutritional information.  Become informed and then you gain power and skills that you will always have.  Food choices can be easy and guilt free.  Get educated on what’s really in the food we believe to be safe, since it’s advertised on TV and approved by the USDA.  You can’t afford not to be.

Randi Dukoff
Corporate Wellness Consulting Group

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