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Corporate Wellness with Just Enough Edge to be a Game-changer

a holistic solution

The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group a Premier Corporate Wellness Company specializing in Onsite Wellness Programs, Education, Engagement, Fitness, Workshops and Consulting. We design custom wellness programs which integrate into what you currently have in place. We encourage change through knowledge, on-site activities, a virtual portal, challenges and experiential learning. Our strength is that we elicit changes in lifestyle behaviors, of your employees, by effectively meeting each person where they are and engaging each person around meaningful goals. We motivate and hold each participant accountable to their goals. Our passion becomes contagious and our experience and modalities will change the culture of your company into one with predominantly fit, productive, higher performing, organized employees who are less stressed.

The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group offers years of experience covering every aspect of health, prevention, and lifestyle change. Our simple “secret weapon” results in high participant engagement. Our company and partners offer non-invasive state of the art, portable FDA approved diagnostic testing real risks of Cardiac and Stroke events, right in your location. This technology could’ve saved the lives of John Ritter and James Gandolfini.

We are not an insurance company or managed health plan claiming to get results; we are the real deal. We aim to PREVENT illness, disease, fatigue and lost time strategically. We will raise the bar on your self expectations as we hold you accountable to your individual health goals and those of your company. 
The most common reaction we hear after giving a sales presentation is, “You are so different than anything we’ve seen.” This is nothing that we expected; we actually learned things in the presentation.


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