Eat the Whole Egg Without Fear!

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Do you eat the whole Egg or just the whites?

Where do all of the food recommendations come from? How have you developed your food knowledge? Have you ever thought about where most of the food recommendations and safety information comes from?

Have you ever wondered who decided that we should only eat the egg white? How about the idea that margarine is better than butter? You’ve been told to avoid red meat and only drink skim milk. What about the entire low-fat/ no fat foods that line the shelves? Are you a believer that this is the way we’ve been designed to eat? I am a HUGE believer that we are not designed to eat Fake Food.

I like to help people reduce the amounts of STRESS in their life. Stress is much more than the emotional, money, career and family component. Everything you EAT has the potential to cause physical stress to your body. If you ever studied Digestion, you know that everything you consume must pass through your LIVER. Your LIVER is like the fish tank or pool filter. It sorts out the CRAP that comes into you. The Liver first has to identify what byproducts it can use and then send the broken down nutrients to the parts of your body that use it at fuel. What ever the liver perceives as dangerous and non-useable, has to be eliminated or stored as fat since it’s toxic. Your LIVER needs a variety of Real Nutrient dense foods.

So, When you eat FAKE FOOD that your body can’t identify, you set yourself up for illness down the road, aches and pains now, headaches, anxiety and more. You need to be your own advocate. Question an item with more than 6 ingredients. Know that if you can’t pronounce an ingredient- your BODY won’t know how to process it. Aging doesn’t mean you have to develop aches and pains. You can feel great when you are healthy inside and out!

It’s not the Eggs, meat and butter making us Obese and Sick. It’s the processed high fructose corn syrup, GMO Soy and corn products, hydrogenated oils and food dyes.

Do you really think food is supposed to stay GOOD for years? I don’t. If it’s not hunted, gathered, grown and picked- eat it sparingly.

For the record- An Egg is one of the only perfect foods. It has the perfect combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat. In fact, an egg had all of the Essential Amino Acids that your body needs but can not make on it’s own. Eat the whole egg.

Meat is another food that does not have to be your enemy. Choose grass-fed beef. It has a healthy CLA component, and grass is what cows were meant to digest. Grass fed cows are not on “steroids” and unending antibiotics (that are contributing to humans developing so many drug resistant diseases). Drink whole milk (if you want to continue on dairy and your consumption is minimal) and choose butter from grass-fed cows. It might be a few more dollars, but that’s a lot less than you will pay for medical bills due to the commercial cows meat.

When you see all the processed foods in the middle of the store claiming no fat, low-fat, no cholesterol and no sugar- Don’t you wonder what’s in it that can still make it taste good. It usually has one of the other ingredients in it such as artificial sweeteners, fat, or salt. Sweeteners made in a lab are not really for human consumption. If you must have that food, choose foods sweetened with stevia and agave. Make your own treats using brown rice syrup as a sweetener.

We all have enough uncontrollable STRESS in our daily lives. Do yourself a favor and don’t add to emotional stress with Food Stress. The CRAP you eat- will catch up with you in a much more hazardous way.

Tip of the Day- If you can’t pronounce an Ingredient- DON”T EAT IT! Shop the perimeter of the store, that’s where the real food is located. Last for today, but not least- Try some new foods each week. Cook Swiss Chard tonight instead of Spinach.

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