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The decisions you make today regarding your lifestyle, foods, and fitness will have an impact on your future health. My choice to change my old habits, saved my life and my passion is to pay it forward…

Choosing to be healthy, doesn’t mean giving up  what you love; it’s choosing to incorporate what works for you. Life is all about balance and getting healthy is a choice you make.

When you commit to yourself I’ll give you the tools to eat foods you like and feel good about them. The same goes for fitness, meet yourself where you are and start small with whatever you like or excites you. These small changes are the stepping stones to bigger ones that will happen in time.

Choose You

Health is at the root of everything you are and have.

Randi Dukoff is a successful corporate Workplace Wellness Leader recognized for her ability to design, implement and sustain successful custom wellness programs that result in improved employee health and wellness, lead to fewer stressed employees who then perform at higher levels, thus; increasing the value and return on your investment.

Randi consistently demonstrates expert consulting, coaching, motivational, presentation and communication skills and steadily designs programs that align with each client’s values, strategies and goals. Randi effectively establishes and maintains excellent internal and external relationships and works effectively with human resources and benefits teams. Randi has mastered how to diplomatically and easily relate to all types of people, translating into high engagement for the Wellness Programs designed and implemented through the Corporate Wellness Consulting Group.


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