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Corporate Wellness Business Training & Certification

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The Step-By-Step Blueprint to Building your 6-Figure Corporate Wellness Business… No Matter Where You Are in Your Practice Right Now

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My CW Training is a step by step blueprint for building your 6-figure corporate wellness business in 6 weeks or less. No matter where you are in your practice right now.

  • Do you have a passion to reach a big audience with your wellness message?
  • Do you want to get coached Live each week on applying the information to your business?
  • Have the ability to take the class as many times as you want for no additional charge
  • Learn from someone who actually runs a Corporate Wellness Business
  • Learn from the many specialists lined up to speak with you throughout the program
  • Learn how to be seen as an expert and have prospects coming to you
  • Be certified as a corporate wellness specialist

Corporate Wellness is one the fastest growing industries right now. Within the next five years almost all companies will have a program. This program will show you how to get your name at the top of the list of people who do the hiring.

I have been doing this successfully for the past 5 years!!!  I have built two Corporate Wellness businesses operating with two different models, have been interviewed for numerous articles by Crain’s New York Business, Crain’s Benefits Outlook and Crain’s Business Insurance. 

My experience working and consulting with corporations for the past 5 years enables me to show you the “tricks of the trade” but more important the “untold” truth of what you need to be successful in this lucrative market.
Even before the introduction of the ACA (Obamacare), there were some companies utilizing wellness programs and praising the benefits.  The ACA has changed the rules again, and I will keep you abreast of what’s current and help you navigate how to market yourself. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity right now in this HOT, NEEDED emerging market of Corporate Wellness.

The problem for most health coaches is that you don’t know where to begin.  You think you don’t have enough experience, you won’t be able to answer their questions or maybe you think you don’t have enough prospects.  The TRUTH is none of those concerns matter and I will show you why and teach you how to grab this market by the hand, add mega value and build the corporate wellness business you have dreamed about.

Throughout the program, I will teach you first hand:

  • How to analyze a company’s needs and create a custom program for them
  • How to work within their budget and your desired fee and how to over-deliver value
  • How to get more private clients out of a corporate setting
  • How to effectively communicate with HR and the CFO by learning to speak their language
  • How to create programs that have high participation and ratings (get invited back)
  • How to track your results and get more business
  • How to work with insurance brokers to get more business
  • How to utilize health fair’s to sign more corporate clients and private clients
  • How to be a legitimate expert in this field
  • How to deliver current, needed Content that makes a difference and an impact
  • How to model your Corporate Wellness business (there are many options and one is right for you)
  • I Will Personally Coach YOU each WEEK until your Business Evolves
  • I will give you Lifetime access to me and the ability to work with my company as we continue to grow.
If you’ve been stressing over any of the for-mentioned items and struggling because it seems like a hard market to break into, or that you don’t know enough to be successful, I’m excited to share some information with you…  It’s not nearly as difficult as you think and when you set yourself up for success by knowing the exact steps, language and ways to find clients because I’m giving you everything I use and holding your hand through the process, then guess what?
Your focus on the negative gets turned around and all of a sudden you feel like the Little Engine that Could (And YOU CAN!!!)   Allow yourself to own the space where you are a successful presenter who knows exactly what your clients want.  Realize that you over deliver in Value because you know how to do that and that you are changing lives rapidly by presenting to many people at one time.  YOU are actually standing in a space of strength knowing you are supporting yourself, your dreams and your clients with three means of income from one market.

One of the reasons coaches struggle with the decision to enter the corporate wellness market is because they are focusing on the wrong things in the wrong order. Building a business can be easy. You just gotta know what to focus on and you need to understand that this market is the complete opposite from the one on one market.  We go step by step and within 4 weeks you have all the necessary tools to prospect and sign clients.
Vital Advantage Consulting (My company) just completed working with a 2700 person company, which flew us around the Country to out of state locations, because they see the value and know we deliver results.  They have even begun discussions for next year.  This is what I will teach you to do too.

This could be you too because I hold nothing back!!!

This is the time to learn the business, and be ready to book clients for 2015.  Companies are beginning the planning process now…jump in and take a chance on yourself, you won’t be sorry.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, including a corporate wellness business, the status of being an expert in this field, the ability to teach one to many and of course the freedom you desire allowing you to set your calendar just the way you want while you grow and touch even more lives.

Invest in yourself, get the help, mentoring and support of me and the hundreds of people who have already taken this course.  They will tell you it’s different from anything you have already experienced.  You can have success, even if you’re in another program or have been in the wellness field for years.  I even help you with content if that’s what you need for success.

You have nothing to lose except the opportunity for success by not taking the risk and investing some time in yourself and this course.  There is a money back guarantee so you truly have nothing to lose AND you get lifetime access to the material and LIFETIME ability to take the course as many times as its offered for no additional fee.  That’s how sure I am, that I give you everything you need for success.[/text_output]

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Become Certified as a Corporate Wellness Specialist 

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This personalized coaching session will help you start your corporate wellness business from scratch or help your current business reach new levels of profitability. Becoming a corporate wellness coach is easy. The hard part is increasing your customer base and getting them to believe in your service. I’ll teach you the language, ins and out’s and how to give a company exactly what they want and need. Just imagine all of the possibilities!


Stay Ahead With All New Updated Content!

In just 6 months time and without spending tons of money, you could…

  • Be on the Dr. Oz show or something comparable as an expert
  • Have access to incredible non-invasive cardiovascular testing for  your clients (FOR FREE)
  • Have a client who pays you $5000 a quarter
  • Get interviewed by Crain’s Publications
  • Be asked to work with Major Corporate Wellness Organizations
  • Have people calling you for prospective meetings
  • Take a month-long vacation
  • Enjoy FREE social media publicity
  • Help thousands of people at once

Class Starts September 7th!

[blockquote type=”left” cite=”Laren Watson | Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach | eatingwell-livingwell.com”]

“Randi’s Corporate Wellness Program is exactly what I needed. It is chock full of information, templates and guides that have helped me launch a new aspect of my Health Coaching career. She is completely supportive, so generous and truly cares about our success. I was really blown away that Randi truly handed over everything she has worked so hard to learn. It has definitely been worth every penny of my investment. Thank you Randi!”

[blockquote type=”left” cite=”Marsha Blanchard | ProWorkplaceWellness.com”]

“If you are serious about getting into corporate wellness business, signing up for Randi’s program is the best thing you can do. The information you will learn in this course will save you years. I learned so many shortcuts to success, it’s invaluable.”


Here’s What You Need to Know About The Step-By-Step Blueprint to Building Your 6-Figure Corporate Wellness Business

  • The course runs for 7-weeks
  • All material will be delivered to you in the form of virtual training, audio files and PDFs
  • You’ll also receive worksheets and templates that you can fill in whenever you need them
  • This program gives you personal training with ME, as well as all the educational material you could ever need
  • There really is nothing else out there like this!
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So what makes you different?

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What makes it different from other courses on the market is with mine, I will work with you as your personal coach to help you create a business that’s both profitable and designed for strengths. I’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure you’re able to reach the same level of success I have done. What I teach is current, since I’m in the trenches with you as a CEO/Managing Partner of my own company Vital Advantage Consulting. Ask me one question or ask me 20, there’s really no limit. This is an opportunity to learn from somebody who has made all of the mistakes and learned first-hand what works. I’ve created two successful Corporate Wellness businesses and have now developed a “step-by-step blueprint” for you to follow to create your own business using the exact same tools.

[blockquote type=”left” cite=”Stephanie Goodman CNC | The Nourishing Gurus | nourishinggurus.com”]

“Randi has a great business sense. I am much more confident about offering corporations great wellness programs now. Randi really wants her participants to succeed and takes the time to answer all questions on the weekly calls. Not only does she give great corporate wellness business information, but so much of the information she gives in this program will help me in my private nutrition business as well.”

[blockquote type=”left” cite=”Deana Colman | brillianceunfolding.com”]

“She breaks everything down into manageable steps that you can implement right away. if you are looking for an in-depth training from someone who genuinely cares about your success and goes out of her way to help propel you forward, you’ve come to the right place. Randi’s passion and dedication is contagious and has me excited about building my business! No regrets about my investment, just pure gratitude!”

[blockquote type=”center”]The value of this training program, certification, expert advice and bonuses is well over $25,000! But for the great Fall class, you can join me for a small investment of…

One Payment of $1,574
Three Payments of $541[/blockquote][button shape=”square” size=”x-large” float=”none” block=”true” circle=”true” icon_only=”” target=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” lightbox_video=”” href=”https://group13.safechkout.net/?uri=”]

Join The Class Now As Space Is Limited!


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