How to Improve Your Life With True Wellth

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[text_output][dropcap]E[/dropcap]nter the word wellth into your word processor and you’ll get a fuzzy red line underneath each entry. “Word not recognized,” it’ll say. Right there lies one obvious difference between mankind and machine. Machines don’t need to know what wellth is to live happily and healthily. People, such as yourself and I on the other hand, do.

Which is why I’m about to tell you what it is, why you need it, and how to get more of it in your life.

What’s Wellth?

Wellth is the idea that wellness is a better measure of life contentment than money. Instead of focusing on currency accumulation alone, a wellth nut aims to be inundated with everything valuable in life, including love, health, fulfillment and of course gold coins when possible!

As a person has many dimensions to themselves – i.e. physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational and intellectual – all need to be encouraged for that person to thrive. Sadly, our society values only a few of those dimensions, leaving the rest ignored and disregarded. As a result, many lives are left half-lived until people search for better methods of living.

Why Greater Wellth Will Benefit You

Good health requires balance. A state of wellbeing likewise. In the same way a person with a fantastic vitamin profile yet dreadful blood sugar is likely to feel unwell, a person with lots of money who hates other aspects of their life is likely to feel unhappy. Often in life, the whole picture is ignored. Wellness brings it into perspective again.

The majority, you see, only focus on several aspects of their being, notably money, relationships and physical health. Other aspects such as social needs, emotional health and spiritual connection get left largely unexamined. This is disastrous. It leaves a lingering tension; the notion there’s an ever-expanding void inside.

Becoming Wellthier

The journey to enhanced wellth begins with self-exploration. It begins when analyzing the state of one’s life, health and level of fulfillment. Where you currently feel you sit on the scale of wellbeing will depend on what you incorporate into your wellness program.

Wherever you sit, there are some aspects of wellbeing that all wellth nuts will work on. Physical health is one of those aspects. As the body is all-encompassing and affects other dimensions too (such as spiritual, emotional and mental ones), extra effort is given to keep it in the best shape possible.

Coaching to Become Wellthier

At Vital Advantage, our custom designed outcome-based wellness programs and consulting services specialize in improving the wellth in your company and lives of your employees. We guide you through the crucial areas of improving physical fitness, controlling and decreasing  stress, getting more done in less time, and all while encouraging inner healing with the end goal of wellth accumulation.  Wellth becomes the result to our compound effect designed program, meaning small painless changes that add up to permanent lifestyle change and health/wellth improvement.

We also offer comprehensive Wellness months and wellness weeks with programming that addresses lifestyle challenges in an experiential way that ends with simple actionable tasks leading to success. We educate on a whole range of topics such as dealing with trauma, eating in restaurants, time management, fitness, sleep, food, digestion, prevention, how to travel without worry, charity, improving worrying financial situations, Eastern therapies and holistic health, to name a few.

When to Begin?

Today is always the best day to start thinking about your wellth. As with physical wealth, finding yourself in a healthy position takes time.

Commitment, intrigue and the right knowledge are each essential to you on your journey to becoming a wellthier person. The great thing about the journey is profound changes happen at every turn. Changes which are permanent and yours to keep. These changes will come in the form of greater self-awareness, better habits and more knowledge. They can even come in the form of better physical manifestations of your inner being.

Start thinking about your wellth levels now, and how you would rate your current health and happiness. A great life is waiting for you. All you need to do is seize it.[/text_output]

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