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Health is subjective, personal and sometimes difficult to navigate. Health is power, empowering, enlightening and eye opening…giving you a key to unlock every door, even those you thought were closed to you for good.

I’m on a mission, to get you to experience Ultimate Health.  Health is more than the absence of disease It’s an incredible feeling to know you have the choice to choose health or to let your health choose you. Healthy lifestyle choices can be simple and accomplished in an easy two-week time frame.

Let’s Get Started…Give me 2-weeks and I’ll give you a new drive and motivation to get HEALTHY!!!!


My company The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group, develops custom designed wellness programs, delivered through a strategic combination of onsite, virtual and experiential modalities; provides a full service wellness suite that integrates into your current wellness benefits and commands high engagement rates translating into the desired  results. Programs are ACA complaint, HIPAA compliant and exceptional at meeting both the needs of the management and the employees. The ROI is well worth the investment, the VOI is priceless and the difference in your employees is almost immediate.
The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group also offers Wellness Weeks for companies just venturing into wellness at work, including targeted educational Lunch and Learn presentations on the hot topics of today and/or the specific challenges your employees are facing now.


The No Diet-Diet 12 Day Cleanse with Coaching


Pay in Full

This cleanse is easy, food based and designed to change your cravings and body within 2 weeks.

Jumpstart 90 Days to a Healthier You Program


Per Month

90 Days to a Healthier You! Change your body, soul and cravings in 3 months, and never look back.

Want More Info?

Email support@randidukoff.com to apply for this exclusive, strategic, experiential 2-day on location live coaching adventure with Randi. Your two day experience will give you the Clarity needed to attain Freedom and Success.

Health Professionals


Build a Successful Corporate Wellness Business in 6 Weeks No Matter Where You Are In Your Business Right Now

This is the only training program you will need to build a Successful Corporate Wellness Business, designed for all health coaches and health practitioners. You will complete the 6-week training/certification program with the framework and blueprint to be the CEO of Corporate Wellness Business with a proven program, rooted in your education, goals and strengths. This training is for you if you’re in the health field as a fitness professionals, nutritionist, health coaches, naturo-paths, chiropractors and more.

Randi has taught close to 500 health coaches, with a spectrum of experience, how to create their own Corporate Wellness Business.

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