Too Little Too Late to Stop Stress, Disease?

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58 is the average age people decide to make healthier choices. Stress affects everything ranging from mood to disease risk. Heart Disease, Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Diabetes, and Obesity risk can be minimized with simple lifestyle habits. To little to late? Disease can actually take 10 years to present itself with symptoms sending you to the doctor. Imagine the disease statistics you made a conscious choice in your 20′s to protect your health 10 to 40 years later?



Do you know people who were diagnosed with a dis-ease and then spent days and months wondering what they would’ve done different?  What would you go back and re-do now if you had the chance?

Disease is scary, Wellness is misunderstood and we should reframe our perception of both.  Dis-ease (is actually a lack of ease in your body and mind) When I was diagnosed with a disease I got the message loud and clear that things had to change.  Luckily for me, I had already started changing my lifestyle 5 years prior to the diagnosis. Dis-ease can happen from genetics combined with lifestyle, pent-up emotions, anger and unsettled emotions.

Most people collapse and perceive a diagnose as the beginning of the end (of what you’ve known normal to be), in essence it may be, but not the way you think.  A diagnosis of a disease causes stress,  but it may be your abrupt wake up call to change something. Long before the words “you have cancer”, “blocked arteries”, or “you’ve had a heart attack” are heard, there were other warning signs that were missed or thought to be normal or part of aging. You may have experienced digestive issues, IBS, severe allergies, thyroid, Celiac, constant colds, unbearable PMS,  migraines, constant fatigue, severe acne, bloating, depression or even a nagging feeling.


Many doctors point out, your genetics are your potential map, but your lifestyle can re-route the path and destination.

Glass 1/2 Full : Dis-ease as an opportunity to start living life the way you were meant to live. Many survivors perceive experiences, stress and disappointments in a different way.   They KNOW the Glass is half FULL. nature becomes more visible such as rainbows, blue skies, cloud shapes, 4-leaf clovers,the birds chirping and the sound of breaking waves.

Benefit of the doubt supersede anger, wonder replaces taking things for granted, time becomes one of the most Valued things you have. Who you spend time with, what you do, how you Love and what matters to you shifts drastically.  Remember when you were a child and everything was exciting, you took more chances, laughed more, had more balance and different visions and insights.

Then you grew up and shifted to feeling more fear, less spontaneity and more on automatic pilot.  Too often, adults give up pieces of who they were as children ( to appear more responsible) or at some point you let your ideals, dreams and ideas get heavily influenced by what your parents passed on to you, what we repeatedly saw on TV or read in the paper. Which way of life feels better to you?  Living by your innate intuition and logic or what you’ve been told is how adults behave?

The conflict of behaving as is expected; meaning, (how we are supposed to act versus the way you may want to live ) is the point where internal STRESS begins. These conflicting ideas may show up in your career choice, relationship, ability to earn money and the choices you make when telling your kids “yes” or “no”.

It’s never to late to get back to who you are or who you want to be (think: how you’re personality changes when you’re drinking. It’s just the real you using the excuse of being drunk to act silly or more in tune with your real self)  When I revert back to behaviors that made me feel bad, I became aware that I’d feel a tightness in my throat.  Now, the minute I feel that coming on, it’s my signal to change course.  I find something funny, take a deep breath, close my eyes or meditate for a minute as to rethink my words or I back-pedal and apologize.

As Healthy as you feel, KNOW that you will be plagued by symptoms, when you’re constantly bombarded by stress:

  • Poor quality food, processed foods, additives, sugar, lack of exercise, pollution, drugs and some chemicals in daily products are effecting your immune function, mind and health
  • Not enough or Too much Exercise
  • Ignoring the intuitive feeling that things could be better but you’re afraid of change will eventually lead to symptoms and dis-ease
  • Lack of Sunshine
  • Inner Conflict

The question is will you notice the symptoms?  Will you check them out or presume they’re normal?  Listen to your body and your intuition and be proactive.  Wellness and Health are much more than the absence of illness or disease.  Healthy people have a different look, they deal with stress differently and live life rather than reacting to life.

 Ask the tough questions:

Q: Do I like my job and enjoy going to work each day?

A: If not, consider why you don’t like it or what you don’t like about it and formulate a plan as to what are you going to do about it?  Staying in a bad situation because you’re afraid of change, will lead to symptoms that can lead to disease

Q: Do your relationship fulfill you?  Are you as close to your spouse as you want to be? Do you speak your mind or hold things in?

Q: Do you usually have a negative or positive reaction or solution to a challenge or not ideal situation?

A: If answer is negative, get present with how that makes you feel physically and find something to remind you to make lemonade from the lemons next time.  Find an anchor (a feeling, a thought, the look on someone else’s face..that triggers your new reaction)


A: If the answer is No, decide what you will do different to get back on track , make a plan together or decide to move on.

Q: Are you having as much Sex as you want to with your significant other?

A: If the answer is No, find out why.  If you’re to tired, not attracted to each them, in a rut or not making the effort to CHANGE.  Try something new like scheduling time, buy some toys, have honest conversations (Out of the BR) change your diet or begin a physical workout plan – that could bring back your desire.  If nothing will fix the divide between the two of you, ask yourself the hard question… Is it time to move on?

Be proactive now (early) and not later when you already have a “bad” thing forcing you to change.  Here are a few action items to choose from now.  Work on one thing for 30 days, make it a habit and move on to the next.
1. Drink fresh water everyday (ideally 1/2 your weight in oz with a pinch of sea-salt)
2. Include as many vegetables and fruits as possible – try a green drink, smoothie, veggie covered pizza or chocolate dipped fruit
3. Eat meat and dairy products that are grass-fed, organic and don’t contain hormones and antibiotics
4. Get enough sleep every night (8 hours in a dark room is ideal)
5. MOVE (walk, run, cycle, hit the weights, stretch, or anything OUTSIDE)
6. Retrain your mind to see a half full GLASS everywhere. Stinking Thinking causes illness
7. Surround yourself with positive people (think friend inventory…negative people are contagious and suck your energy from you)
8. Be Thankful for the small things in life, everyday
9. Avoid processed foods with loads of ingredients you can’t pronounce, especially processed meats with nitrates
10. Use personal care products with ingredients you could eat, if you wanted too
11. Play with food, order differently when you’re out
12. Carve out time everyday just for YOU
13. Learn to say No, so your YES will have more value
14. Slow Down

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