The teacher will appear when the student is ready

I am firmly convinced that my dietary and lifestyle change SAVED MY LIFE.



This is me now and that was me when I thought I was healthy.

The old me thought life was fine as I raised 3 children, served as PTA President, and played tennis 3x a week. However, the nightmare I lived was time management. I often found myself awake at 2am trying to get things done that I could not get to during the day. I suffered from terrible allergies, constant sinus infections, and could never make it to the gym. At a certain point I realized that if I maintained my lifestyle habits, the future would be a dire one.

I then heard Paul Check present a lecture, and my life was instantly changed. As I absorbed his discussion on getting back to basics and consumption of food, I knew I had to change my lifestyle.

And change I did. My diet and lifestyle of today look nothing like that of the old me. I started to shed weight and dropped 30 pounds. My allergies, sinus infections, and crazy hours disappeared as my energy levels soared. I developed muscle tone, lost the bloating, and got a new lease on life. But that is not the only reason I decided to do what I currently do.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. It was eye- opening and a moment where I realized I was at a turning point. As I learned more about cancer, I learned that it can grow for 10 years before it is detected. I learned that everyone has cancer cells at some point in their life. The deciding factor is the strength of your immune system to kill them on the spot.

The previous six years of “health habit changes” mattered made a difference. I never went through chemo or radiation. I continued to strengthen my body and immune system with food, sleep, stress reduction techniques and supplements.


Are you ready?

To create waves that impact and transcend. Ride the wave. Change your life. Change other people’s lives.

the teacher

It is now 7 years later, and I’m ready to share this story. A lifetime ago, my body was sick and weak, without even fully realizing it. Today it is a totally new world. Healthy is more than not being sick. Being healthy and making changes now can and may change the course of your life. Getting healthy is easier and more fun than you think it will be. Without real health, nothing else matters.

I specialize in Corporate Wellness and my company Vital Advantage Consulting designs customized wellness programs for businesses that are comprehensive, change lives, make healthy cool and save money. I have also developed and run a training program to teach others how to have successful corporate wellness businesses so we can all touch more people and spread the message and formula for Living Life and not letting Life Live You.

If you are reading this…it may be your time. The saying goes like this “The teacher will appear when the student is ready.” I believe in painless lifestyle changes that are fun and effective. If they weren’t I wouldn’t do it.


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