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Randi is a professional, motivating trainer who is passionate about her work. She really got the 2,500 person crowd moving at our Miami Institute for Integrative Nutrition conference. If you or your company is looking to get healthy and get fit, I highly recommend Randi’s services.Melissa B Yoga Teacher, Speaker/Educator, Wellness Coach
Randi was hired by Forrest Solutions as our Health & Wellness consultant. After working with Randi and her team, I have completely changed the way I live my life. Randi is very knowledgeable in her field and she makes recommendations that are perfect for your specific lifestyle. I have never felt healthier or more energized. I can’t thank Randi enough for the impact she has had on me.Lynn Ciccone, PHR Regional HR Manager at The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
Randi helped me to transform my life. She taught me how to heal my body though changing my diet and started me on the path to Wellness. She is knowledgeable, patient, insightful and detail oriented. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a shift in their own health or in their companies health.Susan K Health Educator at Designs For Health

Thanks for creating this Randi! This little group detox has been something I have really learned from!!!! I read everyone’s posts and suggestions. I, too, eat almond butter, use ghee to cook, buy Califia almond milk and Califia almond ice coffee and have changed everything! I’m down 17 pounds but have been doing it for 7 weeks. But have learned so many new things and an sad the challenge is over! Congrats to everyone who participated! You are really good at what you do Randi!!! – and very encouraging. –Audrey H

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Very easy to stick too after a few days. I loved learning about how to use new ingredients to make yummy treats, like coconut milk ice cream, pumpkin pancakes, and lemon muffins. I lost 9 lbs. The first week I was surprised to discover how much I was going to cheese and grains as a snack and with our meals. Thought giving up alcohol was going to be an issue, but after a week it wasn’t but I did manage to have a drink at least one night a week. Feel really good. John has lost weight, I can see it, but he hasn’t weighed himself. The kids loved the new recipes and thought it was cool to do. I lost 9 lbs and plan to continue through the holidays. Once i learned how to balance my favorites, wine, chocolate, and ice cream, into my week, I felt like I had more control. Thanks, this was very helpful for me. -Tracey W

Ok …it’s been 11 days… My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. 
A 2 egg omelet with leftover skirt steak, red pepper, green pepper, and onion. I put a few drops of hot sauce and then realized I forgot the spinach. Nonetheless, it was a great omelet. I have increased my gym days and today was my first day off…Lost 8 lbs. This is easy to maintain and follow.Lisa E
Hi Randi! I am down just about 10 pounds since beginning this detox and I have continued eating Paleo but not hard core. It’s amazing to me that since this started 4+ weeks ago i haven’t had chocolate, ice cream or potato chips (my old favorite junk food) and haven’t craved it or missed it. Halloween weekend I went back to my bad habits but only for the weekend. I felt sick after eating most snacks and meals. I can honestly say I feel better with out the processed junk. I am now down 13 pounds!Judith M
I want to thank you once again Randi Wexler Dukoff! My client is on day 5 and wrote “I am fantastic! This detox is working wonders. Mind is clear and alert. I feel more energetic. ” then she continued to write, “I’m so happy I did this. And the bonus is that Brendan is loving it too. He looks forward to the shake every morning and asked if we could do the shake thing daily.”Lorna Sophocleous of Lorna Wellness

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