Stop wasting money! Are You One Of the Thousands Who are Throwing $2,275 in the Trash Each Year?

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[text_output][dropcap]$[/dropcap]2,275 is the average amount of money a family of four, living in the United States wastes each year in food that goes bad in their refrigerator and then ends up in the garbage. When I saw that…. I said WHAT?? Think what you could do with that extra cash each year. The money could let you buy your holiday presents, take you on a vacation, go into a retirement fund or buy you something special.

Now, in case you’re not a math whiz, that’s over $22,000 wasted every 10 years. That’s sick!!!! So, what can you do to Stop the madness in 2015?

There are many ways to stop wasting money this year, just by using what you bought and planning a little bit better.

  • Intend to use leftover dinner for lunch. This is known as cook once, eat twice
  • Take inventory of what usually gets tossed in your house. Are your veggies growing mold or turning mushy? Try chopping them up, if you see they may be headed south, and use them in smoothies, for a quick crudité or throw in a salad or soup. Tomatoes can be made into a delicious soup, or buy a box of Pacific Tomato soup and throw in the cut up veggies. Your vegetables could also be used in a morning omelet.
  • Buy produce that’s still slightly green, so it has more ripening time at your house. For instance bananas and avocados can be stored longer when you don’t buy them ready to eat. Your body will thank you too, because the riper a banana is; the more sugar gets dumped into your body. If you still see, they are about to end up as trash, slice the bananas and freeze them so you can throw them in a smoothie to make it creamy or turn them into frozen, chocolate dipped bananas.
  • Mash your avocados and throw in the chopped up onion, garlic and jalapeños  Then squeeze in lime and sprinkle cilantro to have a satisfying healthy dose of guacamole, or make a chocolate pudding using avocados and cacao click here for recipe, you’ll never even know they are in it
  • Instill one night per week or a lunch each week as leftover day
  • Give it to your dogs, they’ll thank you
  • Make a list before you head to the store and stick to it. Try planning a weekly menu, from there developing a shopping list and don’t deviate. This is helpful because you know what you’re making ahead of time, so you can use my super Sunday set up method, buy exactly what you need and know it should all get eaten.
  • You could also invite your friends over to finish the food with you.

By using one or many of these ideas, you are sure to keep more of your money in your pocket this year. Another benefit of planning and shopping for what you need is that, you won’t buy so many unnecessary products that sit on the shelves for years.

Take the extra time each week plan it out.

If you find this helpful, please share with friends and leave comments or more ideas below.[/text_output]

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