When Should I Post On Social Media?

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[text_output][dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you’ve spent ages creating the perfect social media post, you’ll want it to be seen by as many people as possible. Time on social media isn’t created equally, so getting maximum exposure to your posts and tweets requires perfect timing.

You may have spent most of your efforts up until now focusing on innovating your social media postings. But knowing when to post them can actually have just as profound an impact on your online success as anything else you’re doing.

To reach the widest audience possible, you’ll need to post at a time when your readers are logged-in and receptive. Thankfully, studies have revealed to us when those times are, so take note, and get ready to enjoy more likes and shares than you’ve ever had before.


Facebook is the world’s favorite waste of time. To you, it may be a marketing strategy. To others, it’s nothing more than a way to pass the hours. Thursdays and Fridays have proven to be the most effective posting hours for both businesses and individuals on the world’s largest networking site. As the weekend draws closer, users try and will it home by getting out of their work frame of mind and into their happy one.

Post to your Facebook account anywhere between the hours of 9am – 7pm on Thursdays and Fridays for the best results. For more shares, aim for 1pm on those two days. For more likes, 3pm has shown to bring home the bacon.


Depending on the aim of your tweets, there are two different time periods you’ll want to make the most of. Business-to-business tweets do far better when sent out between Monday and Friday. Business-to-customer tweets work better when sent out between Wednesday and Sunday.

The idea behind this trend is simple. Businesses engage with other businesses during regular working hours. Consumers, on the other hand, feel more open to communicating with their favorite brands as the week draws to a close.

If you’re in the market for Twitter retweets, most happen at 5pm. Click-through rate, another important stat, is highest between 12pm and 6pm. This has to do with commutes. On a boring train ride home, most will be willing to click a link they may not have clicked on at any other time of day.


LinkedIn is different to the two platforms above. Its focus is entirely professional.

LinkedIn executives have done their own research on the matter, and have found that reaching members while they have their business heads on reaps the best rewards. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, midweek is the best time to use LinkedIn. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during business hours is when you should think about logging into your profile. For maximum likes and shares, post on Tuesday morning at 10am.


When do you currently pin?

If the answer isn’t on Saturdays, you’re missing out on a world of exposure. Several studies have been conducted, each trying to find out the best time to use the social media site. While each differs by an hour or two, Saturday at 9pm is a time that overlaps.

For retail and fashion, you can pin a little earlier. Between 3pm – 4pm has been shown by Fannit to be optimal.


Going by how many times certain celebrities post to Instagram, you could be forgiven for thinking the best time to post on there would be, well, all day. But when you think about it, the picture-sharing site has a rather obvious time that’s best for posting: Monday. More people are checking in to upload pictures of their weekend and browse new photos on their friend’s profiles.

TrackMaven has pointed out that Instagram’s traffic remains fairly consistent, but peaks slightly at the beginning of the week. Most big companies have found that picture and video interaction is best between the hours of 3pm – 4pm. It’s worth noting that these companies became big for a reason.

Google Plus

Google’s baby, Google Plus, is a freak, at least in social media terms. Google have connected Plus to all of their channels, including mail, YouTube and search. For this reason, Google Plus’ traffic remains far more consistent than most other social media platforms. This was Google’s intention, but it works well for individuals and businesses who prefer to post regardless of time.

According to Buffer, late morning posts fare better than all others. If you really want to be pedantic about your Google Plus usage, Wednesdays at 9am have the highest frequency of social engagement.

In Summary

Being successful means being in the right place at the right time.

Simply changing when you post on social media can increase your click-through rates and levels of interaction by as much as 20%.

If you’re putting in the effort to create posts your audience will enjoy, why not put in a little more effort to make sure you post them at a time when most are likely to see them?[/text_output]

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